"Work becomes a breezy affair and productivity doubles when you do something, you love!"

                                               - Anonymous Freelancer


This has been the motto for many to launch their careers in freelancing right?


I think you might resonate with it too. Isn't it? 

But have you recently felt that freelancing is getting tougher and hassle-prone?

  • Tough to get new clients or maybe clients with the right fit
  • The hassles of payment related issues, working for markets or industries you don’t want to be part of,
  • Or the hassles of freelancer marketplaces, i.e. project bidding issues, unfair project allocation processes, and not too flexible service setups

Well, it’s time we change that!

Introducing Loxperts

World's 1st freelancer marketplace for niche and local market experts from around the world.

Whether you are an expert in Spanish or French copywriting, or a social media influencer from Germany, or a sales strategist with experience in UAE, or someone with experience in PR & Media relations in the US, this is the platform for YOU!


So if you have a niche and a target market where you feel you are the most comfortable and can be considered an expert, then this is your platform!

Boost Your Visibility and Create Your Niche Market

You have your niche or most preferred market, industry, and language that you are an expert in and it’s your own little kingdom where you “rule”. Well, let’s make sure the world knows that and you expand your network and be easily found online by the right fit of global and local clients who are looking for exactly that.


But why niche? Well, it’s all about the question: do you want to breeze through your work and have a perfect work-life balance, or do you want to get stuck with work that gets you the same price but makes you work twice as much?

Get Hassle-free Client Services and Protected Payments

Dealing with individual clients can at times get difficult when it comes to payments, and unfortunate hassles happen. Get rid of those issues with upfront booking, highly secured and transparent source of payment with monthly payouts to your personal account all in just a few clicks. Our Easy-to-use interface, client messaging features and upfront service booking ensure a hassle-free process of client services for you.

Enter the projects on your own terms

It’s time to stop third parties dictating terms of whether you should get the project or not. Nobody knows your skills better than you and you need the platform to showcase just that and attract the right customers to you. Get all the flexibility you deserve as a freelancer, and decide on your own target regions and industries, service packages, delivery schedules, and pricing. Create service packages that suit your skills and services, in the best possible way.

"Around 87% of the Indian households will have an internet connection by 2025 and there will be a 21% rise in duration of internet access through mobile since 2019. Voice, vernacular and video are going to drive internet and technology in the next 5 years"

Kantar - Digital2025 ReportKantar - Digital2025 ReportOne of world's leading data analytics and brand consulting company

Join the Revolution 
And Let's Bring the Freedom back to Freelancing

This is your chance to transform the ever-evolving global business landscape. It's time to make your presence in your niche felt and recognized across the global business communities.


And to help you in the process, and to welcome you on board with us, we have decided to reduce our platform commission rates from 20% to 15% for the first 50 freelancers who join our platform before our launch day.


This is a lifetime deal, so all 50 freelancers will have their commission rates fixed at 15% for their lifetime on our platform and will not be subjected to any commission rate changes later on. 

So, what are you waiting for?
Get Your Invitation and Launch Offer Code Delivered in Your Inbox Today!

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